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Yellow face with bare eyes, yellow bands of 3rd and 4th targa reaching margins over more of their length, and hind femur black on about basal two-thirds in male and yellow in females.

Syrphus rectus can be confused with male S. vitripennis (Vockeroth, J.R. 1992).

Length: 7.2-10.3 mm (Vockeroth 1992)


Larvae of Syrphus rectus feed on several species of aphids (Heiss, 1938)


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Central and Eastern Canada , South to Colorado, Texas, Mississippi, and North Carolina (Vockeroth, J.R. 1992).

Taxonomic Hierarchy

 Kingdom  Animalia
      Phylum  Arthropoda
         Subphylum   Hexapoda
            Class   Insecta
               Subclass   Pterygota
                  Infraclass   Neoptera
                     Order  Diptera
                        Suborder   Brachycera
                           Infraorder   Muscomorpha                                Family  Syrphidae
                                 Subfamily   Syrphinae
                                    Tribe   Syrphini
                                       Genus  Syrphus                                        Species                                        
                           Syrphus rectus  Osten Sacken, 1875