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  • Alula - A memmbranous flap close to the squama
  • Anepisternum - The upper or dorsal part of the episternum, when the latter is divided by longitudinal suture
  • C
  • Calypters - A scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly
  • E
  • Episternum - Largest lateral thoracic sclerite between sternum and notum
  • F
  • Frons - The space behind the antenna between the eyes when viewed dorsally
  • H
  • Halter - Modified hindwing in Diptera, which are sense organs concerned with the maintenance of stability in flight
  • Humerii - The raised corners to the front of the dorasal thorax
  • K
  • Katepimeron - The lower part of the thoracic epimeron
  • O
  • Oblique - Neither parallel nor at right angles to a specified or implied line; slanting.
  • Occiput - The margin immediately behine the compounbd eyes
  • P
  • Postalar Cali - Elongated swellings at the posterior corners of the thorax
  • Pre Genital Segment - The end segment located just below the 4th tergite containaining the genitalia
  • S
  • Setulae - A small, short hair or bristle
  • Squama - Where the hind margin of the wing meets the thorax there is a membranous flange known as squama
  • Surstylus - Paramere
  • T
  • Tergite - Subdivision of the tergum
  • Tergum - Dorsal sclerite of a segment
  • Trichose - Hairs

Why we need a glossary?

It is very useful to know the morphological characters of flies for their identification. This page provides the common taxonomic terms with their definitions. Here I have defined the terms that are used throughout the webpage.