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Genus Allograpta

Allograpta is a large and diverse genus of hover flies which includes many predators, pollinators, leaf miners, stem borers and pollen feeders. They are distributed in all over the world except in most of the palearctic region. The genus includes five species in North America (Eaton and Kaufman 2006).


Copyright: Enrique Ramirez Garcia

Some dorsal abdominal patterns of Allograpta species

The shape, size and colour of bands, presence or absence of hairs on anatomical parts, banding on the eyes are imoportant characteristics for the identification of Allograpta species. Their body size is vary from 6.5 mm to 9.0 mm (Vockeroth, J.R. 1992).
They can be easily identified by yellow longitudinal striped pattern in 4th and 5th abdominal tergites (Fluke 1942).

Taxonomic Hierarchy

 Kingdom  Animalia
      Phylum  Arthropoda
         Subphylum   Hexapoda
            Class   Insecta
               Subclass   Pterygota
                  Infraclass   Neoptera
                     Order  Diptera
                        Suborder   Brachycera
                           Infraorder   Muscomorpha                                Family  Syrphidae
                                 Subfamily   Syrphinae
                                    Tribe   Syrphini
                                       Genus  Allograpta                       Direct Children:                                                       Allograpta exotica (Wiedemann, 1830)               Allograpta micrura (Osten Sacken, 1877)               Allograpta obliqua (Say, 1823)                           Allograpta radiata (Bigot, 1857)