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Genus Sphaerophoria

Genus Sphaerophoria includes 14 species and their larvae are predators of aphids (Vockeroth 1992).


Species of genus Sphaerophoria are small to medium size flies with bright yellow markings on head, thorax and abdomen. There are some entirely black species also. Also their body is longer than wings (Vockeroth 1992).

Taxonomic Hierarchy

 Kingdom  Animalia
      Phylum  Arthropoda
         Subphylum   Hexapoda
            Class   Insecta
               Subclass   Pterygota
                  Infraclass   Neoptera
                     Order  Diptera
                        Suborder   Brachycera
                           Infraorder   Muscomorpha                                Family  Syrphidae
                                 Subfamily   Syrphinae
                                    Tribe   Syrphini
                                       Genus  Sphaerophoria                       Direct Children:                                                  Sphaerophoria abbreviata   Zetterstedt, 1849               Sphaerophoria asymmetrica  Knutson, 1973               Sphaerophoria bifurcata  Knutson, 1973                           Sphaerophoria brevipilosa  Knutson, 1973                       Sphaerophoria cleoae  Metcalf, 1917                           Sphaerophoria contigua   Macquart, 1847                        Sphaerophoria cranbrookensis  Curran, 1921                  Sphaerophoria longipilosa  Knutson, 1973                  Sphaerophoria novaeangliae  Johnson, 1916                  Sphaerophoria philanthus  Meigen                  Sphaerophoria pyrrhina  Bigot, 1884                  Sphaerophoria scripta  (Linnaeus, 1758)                  Sphaerophoria sulphuripes  (Thomson, 1869)                  Sphaerophoria weemsi   Knutson, 1973


  Melithreptus Loew, 1840
  Melitrophus Haliday, 1856