Photo Submission guidelines

Insect questions

Insect photos can be submitted for identification electronically to Unless alternative means are requested, all responses will be sent to the e-mail used for the original photo submission.

In addition to attached photo(s), please provide the following information in the e-mail:

  • Include INSECT PHOTO ID in the subject line
  • Your name and city of residence
  • The location and time the photograph was taken (as detailed as possible)
  • The approximate size of the organism (if photo lacks size reference)
  • Any other specific information that you would like regarding the insect in question

  • Note: Response times vary depending on submission volume and time of year. We strongly recommend attempting to identify the insect yourself (see links on bugline homepage) prior to considering submission. If unable to identify the insect yourself, concise, detailed inquiries with clear photos will help to reduce response times for all bugline submissions.

    Tips for taking better insect photos

  • Don't be afraid to take multiple photos, but please send only the best ones
  • For small insects, take the photo from the closest distance your camera will allow you to focus at (It may take several tries)
  • Ensure the body of the insect is in focus rather than the legs or background
  • Include a size reference like a coin or a ruler
  • Ensure lighting is adequate, particularly for dark coloured specimens
  • Shriveled, squished or otherwise compromised specimens don't make good photo subjects for identification
  • Photo credits: Pat Mackay and Bob Lamb