Insect Submission Guidelines

Insect questions

Insects may be submitted for identification to the Department of Entomology. Unless alternative means are requested, all responses will be sent to the e-mail provided with the submission.

Include the following information with your insect submission:

  • Your name and city of residence
  • Your e-mail address and phone number
  • The location and time that the specimen was collected (as detailed as possible)
  • Any other information that would assist in the identification

  • Specimens should be mailed to:
    Department of Entomology
    University of Manitoba
    214 Animal Science/Entomology bldg.
    12 Dafoe Rd.
    Winnipeg Manitoba, R3T 2N2

    Note: Response times vary depending on submission volume and time of year. We strongly recommend attempting to identify the insect yourself (see links on bugline homepage) prior to considering submission. Please keep inquiries as specific and concise as possible to reduce response times. Specimens should be packaged in such a way that they will arrive intact, otherwise identification may not be possible.

    Tips to make sure your specimens arrive intact

  • Never place insects directly into an envelope without protecting them in some way
  • Small insects (e.g. budbugs, lice) can be placed into a small ziplock bag and placed into an envelope
  • Hard bodied insects (e.g. beetles) should be placed into a small, rigid container
  • Soft bodied insects (e.g. caterpillars, maggots) should be preserved in a sealed container filled with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol
  • Please do not send live specimens through the mail, most insects can be killed by placing them into a freezer for at least one day
  • If you live close to the University of Manitoba, specimens can be dropped off at the Department of Entomology main office, Room 214, Animal science/Entomology building
  • Photo credits: Pat MacKay and Bob Lamb