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   I extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to many people who made this species web page, Formica Ants of Manitoba, possible. With a deep sense of gratitude, I express my thanks to my course instructor (ENTM 7200: Advance Insect Taxonomy), Dr. Barb Sharanowski for her concern, advice, guidance and comments at various stages of this project.

   I also acknowledge Dr. Terry Galloway for his comments and providing useful information of ant identification. I also offer my sincere gratitude to Jeff Shaddock for providing his unpublished key, A Key to the Ants of Manitoba, to accomplish this web page success. I also express my thanks to all photographers from the Alex Wild Photography, Dr. Alex Wild, and the Ant Web, April Nobile, Shannon Hartman, Ryan Perry, Erin Prado and Will Ericson, to grant permission to use their photographs in this species web page.

   Last, but not least, a warm appreciation goes to my wife, Udari, my parents and my brother, for assisting me at various stages of this project and for valuable criticism.