DISTRIBUTION-Formica subintegra

(Wheeler et al., 1989)


Key characteristics to the species of Formica sanguinea group of Manitoba (Jeff Shaddock (unpublished) and adapted from Wheeler and Wheeler (1963) )

1.Dorsal side of thorax absent of hairs, or with a few on the pronotum only
2.In full-face view a distinct space is visible between the outer margin of the eye and the side of the head
3.Declivity of propodeum descends at nearly a right angle to the dorsal face
4.Scale of petiole with a blunt crest
5.Gaster clear brown

  • Photo Credit:April Nobile © AntWeb 2002 - 2013
  • Photo Credit:April Nobile © AntWeb 2002 - 2013

  • Taxonomic Classification

          Phylum: Arthropoda
          Subphylum: Hexapoda
               Class: Insecta
               Subclass: Pterygota
               Infraclass: Neoptera
                     Order: Hymenoptera
                     Suborder: Apocrita
                     Infraorder: Aculeata
                              Superfamily: Vespoidea
                              Family: Formicidae
                              Subfamily: Formicinae
                              Tribe: Formicini
                                 Genus: Formica
                                 Species: Formica subintegra

    Specific Biology

    Habitats: Forest, woodland and parks where host F. subsericea is abundant

    Source: Ant Web