DISTRIBUTION-Formica puberula

Riding Mountain National Park, St.Malo, Sandilands Provinacial Forest, Spruce Wood Provincial Forest
(Wheeler et al., 1989)


Key characteristics to the species of Formica sanguinea group of Manitoba (Jeff Shaddock (unpublished) and adapted from Wheeler and Wheeler (1963) )

1.Dorsal side of thorax with conspicuous hairs on all segments
2.Pubescence on scapes abundant and prominent, not completely appressed, particularly on the inner surface near the tip

  • Photo Credit: Will Ericson © AntWeb 2002 - 2013
  • Photo Credit: Will Ericson © AntWeb 2002 - 2013

  • Taxonomic Classification

          Phylum: Arthropoda
          Subphylum: Hexapoda
               Class: Insecta
               Subclass: Pterygota
               Infraclass: Neoptera
                     Order: Hymenoptera
                     Suborder: Apocrita
                     Infraorder: Aculeata
                              Superfamily: Vespoidea
                              Family: Formicidae
                              Subfamily: Formicinae
                              Tribe: Formicini
                                 Genus: Formica
                                 Species: Formica puberula

    Specific Biology