DISTRIBUTION-Formica montana

Aweme, Winnipeg
(Wheeler et al., 1989)


Key characteristics to the species of Formica fusca group of Manitoba (Jeff Shaddock (unpublished) and modified from Francoeur (1973) and Wheeler and Wheeler (1986))

1.Metasternum with two distinctly hairy lobes, one on each side of the median sternal cavity
2.Mesometasternal profile composed of a convexity followed by an inverted, hairy triangle (in profile view)
3.Episternum with erect hairs
4.Genae with hairs
5.In full face view, hairs limited to occipital angles

  • Photo Credit: Erin Prado © AntWeb 2002 - 2013
  • Photo Credit: Erin Prado © AntWeb 2002 - 2013

  • Taxonomic Classification

          Phylum: Arthropoda
          Subphylum: Hexapoda
               Class: Insecta
               Subclass: Pterygota
               Infraclass: Neoptera
                     Order: Hymenoptera
                     Suborder: Apocrita
                     Infraorder: Aculeata
                              Superfamily: Vespoidea
                              Family: Formicidae
                              Subfamily: Formicinae
                              Tribe: Formicini
                                 Genus: Formica
                                 Species: Formica montana


    Specific Biology

    Habitats: Mesic and wet-mesic prairie and adjacent pasture and old field

    Source: Ant Web